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You are Not Alone!

Where do we go from here with Lines in the Sand being re-drawn and stepped over? For two years I sat on this domain and thought "Yeah Cool, one day...", I talked to friends and family when Hillary Care was being discussed and went back into a slumber until ObamaCare came to light. Still I thought it will not pass, ok the SCOTUS will kill it. Now I have one thought which is to do my part to help save this country so that my children and grandchildren will have the same opportunity to succeed or fail on their own. What makes this country so great is the opportunity you are given to do whatever you can imagine. It doesn't matter who you are, if you have an idea you have the ability to try, that you can be what ever you want to be (of course without harming others) and reach for your dreams. Now while other individuals will talk in depth about the SCOTUS vote and impact and others will talk political strategy, I wanted to boil it down to "How does this impact me and my family?" I will use myself as an example where you can then edit it based on your individual circumstances. Being a father of 3 children at home and having both parents working, at times schedules and to do's get very hectic. Imagine having 3 children who are all in sports (Travel Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Cheer) combined with Homework, School Projects, Business Travel and Family events. On any given day we are coordinating with other parents for drop-offs and pick-ups for practice and at times for games/competitions. As we go from work to pick up the kids depending on the day and activity dinner may or may not be ready at home. On good days, we will get home and quickly cook dinner for our children before the go to practice or a game during the week. It may be pasta, chicken fingers, Hot Dogs, Burgers... combined with a vegetable and another side. On a busy night it might just be a Hot Dog or McDonalds drive-thru. Now my children have all been told and understand the needs for a balanced meal and impact on eating too much starch or fast food but when one is running late, McDonald's is better then being hungry at a game. There are other nights when we just are able to have a snack and then eat dinner after practice is done. Weekends would seem easier but with house chores, early games/practices and conflicting sports schedules it seems at times busier then during the week. Lunch could be WaWa Hoagie's or TGIF's before we discuss what to do for dinner. I am not complaining, it is the life we chose and want our children active in sports for learning Sportsmanship, working for what they want (Travel vs. Recreational, Team A vs. B) while making friends and learning about responsibility, time management etc. Now what does this have to do with Obamacare? Great Question and here we go.... The insurance plan we have may under Obamacare pass through the additional costs they are required to take on for all those "free" preventive care benefits along with helping to cover the costs on the additional 30 million un-insured who are now insured. So our employer may decide to pass these costs onto us (which may be cost prohibitive to us) or they could decide the tax (I mean Penalty) is cheaper then continuing our coverage. In the end we are now moved to either the State Exchange or Federal Exchange to now access our insurance coverage. Now remember that we have 3 children at home under the age of 12 and like many Americans are working and running from place to place for our children. As the new system is implementing and exchanges tweaked and modified as the details of the law are implemented (Thanks Nancy P, your right, we had to pass it before knowing what was in it, otherwise it wouldn't of passed). The Federal Government to control costs and expenses now it using the power of the IRS to "request" financial entities to share their data on consumer spending (it will be only for consumer items like food and medicine) so that they can better analysis future costs and current analysis on healthcare. So now when I go to McDonald's to grab a quick bit for my kids, maybe my card is declined because I hit what the government has decided is a healthy quota per child per week for "fast food". It could happen when i visit the Government's Medical Doctor and they inform me that my child is at risk from the food I am buying and choices we are making and that we need to attend a Michelle Obama class on healthy food choices. Come on Shaun, there is no way this will ever happen? Did you ever think a President and the DOJ/DHS would not enforce our laws like border security, illegal immigration, voter intimidation or force a healthcare law down on the people through lies, back room deals and lack of respect for individual freedom? Final Food for Thought... 1. Security - If Medicaid/Medicare is filled with fraud what will happen when you hang a carrot of every american citizens information in a system that hackers can access? Sorry tying critical and personal information between HHS, IRS, 50 States & 1 Federal Exchange, 20+ new departments sharing and fighting over information is a End of Life Event looking to happen 1a. Private Information (Similar to Security) - We hear all the time of politicians or people of Conservative/Libertarian beliefs being subjected to the Progressives attacks like accessing private emails, private information or SWAT-ing can you say Sara Palin, Joe Wurzelbacher & Aaron Walker? Do you really trust that sensitive information on a "Right Winger" would not be released to embarrass them or attempt to ruin their lives. 2. Everything you do in your life can be attached to Healthcare - Gym Membership, Food you purchase, Times you eat out, Number of Children you have, Decision to raise a Physically or Mentally Challenged Child, When to teach your child about sex, Separation of Church and State, and the Size of Beverages you can consume. How many hours a day do you watch TV (you should be excessing) and what stations are you watching (need to "Educate" Johnny on the correct ways to think) 3. Anything can be a Tax (Penalty) - You want to drink a Milkshake, fine but there is a Penalty added to that cost, You want to sunbath with protection under 35 and get skin cancer, ok there is a Penalty for that choice, You want to have a 2nd, 3rd child well there is a Penalty for that too (Stress on the Healthcare System, Global Warming, Food Consumption...), you want to teach your child about creation, conservative ideals, ... sure there is a Penalty on that type of thinking (Psychological Damage to a child), You want to own a gun, sure you can but there is a Penalty on the bullets, gun and safety lock...the list can go on forever. Who is better to decide what is best for you and your family? Your private and personal family doctor and immediate family or some bureaucrats or worse a government worker who is in some far away office making life decisions for your child and family? If the government ran departments/agencies so well then the VA Hospitals would be great, Medicare and Medicaid along with the Post Office wouldn't be broke. The more you think about it the scarier it gets on where they can claim it is a health care decision and take away your rights. I didn't remember voting for this, NotwithMyVote
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